why Braun Series 7 790cc is the best electric shaver

Braun is one of the best electric shaver company that provide customers most featured and advanced shavers. Braun regularly updates its models, although its prior models are also the best to choose in diversity of shavers and their design is unique for optimal shaving performance. Yet, Braun series 7 shavers are more advanced and it’s ability to automate the tasks is a royal feature.

Braun provide following shavers in series 7.

  • Braun series 7 799CC Best wet dry shaver
  • Braun seres 7 790CC noble metal black
  • Braun series 760cc black
  • Braun series 720s black

Braun, is one of the best electric shaver company that has released several series of shavers before the most efficient and automated series 7, the first series introduced by Braun that has extra ordinary sonic technology.Braun Series 7 760cc  products

So, do you want to buy a shaver that gives you a kind of massage while shaving and shave in almost 3-4 minute. The extra ordinary sonic technology automatically sets the power of shaver according to density of beard, it almost delivers 10,000 micro vibrations, providing an excellent shave. Braun shaver series 7 is based upon German engineering with the design for optimal performance.

Why to prefer Braun series 7 over other Braun series 

Pulsonic technology           

Braun electric shavers series 7 is based on a unique idea. It is the only best shaver series with powerful sonic technology that sets shaver power according to density of beard.  Braun 7 series mens electric shaver that has three different shaving modes for normal, sensitive and intensive mode of facial zones, accoriding to intensity of hardness of different regions of facial beard. Pulsonic technology gives a kind of massage while shaving because of its 10,000 micro vibrations per minute giving a very close shave in the end. Braun recommends to set Pulsonic strength to high while shaving for best shave.

Active lift 

All Braun 7 series shavers are equipped with latest active lift technology. Active lift is the only patent that uplifts flat lying beards with 130 movements per second and directs them to specially designed geometrical holes of shaver for zero closeness. To shave neck area and hard to reach area on face is the men problem, however, active lift helps in thorough shaving of hard to reach neck areas which is comfortable and obviously time saving.

Opti foil

Opti foil in Braun electric shavers series 7 best provides better and precise shaving because of its specially designed holes with feasible geometry. So it provides comfortable and precise shave. Opti foil helps to shave closer to chin beard without pulling out any of the whiskers.

Cleaning system of Series 7 Shavers  

Braun electric shaver series 7 cleaning system is excellent, it is perhaps one of the most automated and elite feature. It senses level of cleaning needed to be done and displays the intensity of cleaning it intends to do with the special LCD display. Braun 7 series cleaning systems are very much advanced as compared to previous Braun series cleaning system. Other Braun series needed shaver to be dipped in alcohol for 6 hours or more. After some months it causes scum over shaver cleaner also it doesn’t clean very accurately.

Some shavers like Braun series 7 790CC is equipped with latest fast cleaning mode . Fast cleaning option help to obtain clean and clear shaver within 25 seconds.

However, after Braun shaver series 7 cleaning system is done, it doesn’t leaves even a single whisker in shaver cleaner. Braun 7 series cleaning systems are most automated and do all the work automatically.

Cleaning system senses and displays the level of cleaning it needs to do. It senses the level of lubrication needed for optimal performance of shavers and also lubricates it automatically just pressing one button than dry the shaver using active heat drying. After that it scents the shaver (lemon scent). It also charges the shaver automatically.

Braun shaver series 7 cleaning system are most advanced and do lubrication, drying, scenting and charging just upon one button click. Cleaning system provides 99.9% hygienic shaver for every shave.

Cleaning the shaver after every shave will reduce chances of deep shaver cleaning. Clean and renew system extends life of shaver cleaner to almost 18 months as recommended by Braun. Which is quite good in comparison with other shavers who recommend to change cleaner after 4 months.

Batteries in Series 7 Shavers

Braun 7 series is equipped with Li-Ion battery without any memory effect. It has very low discharge rate as compared to other types to batteries. Li-Ion batteries are powerful and rechargeable in less time. Series 7 provides facility to work with both cord and cordless shaver. Five minute charging is enough for one cordless shave. Series 7 is provided with smart plug that enables to charge at varying voltage of 100-240volts.

Each model of Braun shaver series 7 is described with their special characteristics and price difference.

Best Mens Electric Shaver Braun series 720 

Braun series 720cc

Braun series 720 is a cheap men’s Braun electric shaver as compared to other products of Braun 7 series, with full facial adaptability, Opti foil, active lift and sonic technology. However, it doesn’t provide clean and renew system. Since Braun 7 series products are fully washable and 100% water proof. So, if you want powerful and fully featured cheap electric shaver than Braun 7 series 720 is your choice.

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 Braun series 7 760cc Braun series 7 760 cc

It is available in black and white color with all the functions of Braun 7 series products. It also delivers cleaning and renew system that provides 99.9% hygienic cleaner after each shave. If you won’t have time to wash shaver separately than you need to spend extra $40 for cleaning and renew system. Braun series 7 760cc is best choice if you don’t want to use wet shave feature of Braun 7 series 799cc.

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Braun series 7 790CC Pulsonic shaver systemBraun series 7 790

It has all the features of Braun series 7 760cc but the reason for it is charging extra $30 because of its fast clean option, fast cleaning option is available with only this version of Braun series. Braun series 7 799cc is the most wanted electric shaver in the series.Fast cleaning mode provides clean and hygienic shaver within 25 seconds. It has the most advanced display among other Braun electric shavers. Its LCD display shows detailed status of charging battery and hygiene of shaver.

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Braun series 7 799cc ,Best Wet Dry shaverBraun 799cc cleaning system

Braun has added another top variant of Braun series 7 799 CC with capability of wet shaving. If dry shaver irritates your skin, than Braun 7 799CC, the only best wet dry shaver of Braun series, is the  choice as it offers both wet and dry shave.

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There isn’t any major difference with respect to performance among different products of Braun series. Mens electric shaver model 720s is without cleaning and renew system. Braun electric shaver 760cc includes renew and cleaning system but it lags fast active drying technology and fast cleaning system. Braun series 7 790cc has fast drying and cleaning system. It also offers latest LCD display for battery and hygiene status. Braun series 7 799cc is advanced and best wet dry shaver.

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